About Us

We, Garnet Vina Co. Ltd, was established in 2017. We are official importer of Garnet Sand which is originated from famous brands in Australia and Malaysia.

In many years, we are constantly developing to supply best quality products as well as bring optimal solutions to meet the increasing demand in Vietnam market. We have warehouses not only in the South but also in the North of Vietnam. Therefore, we believe that our stocks are always available and could deliver to you as soon as possible whereever you are.

Core Value

Vision & Mission

We always put sustainable development at the core of our business strategy. Garnet Vina has achieved many goals and will strive to become a company providing quality, reputable Garnet abrasives and building a brand in the market.

Our mission is to provide high quality solutions and products to meet the expectations of our customers. We evaluate success based on the trust and satisfaction of customers and related partners.

Distribution Capacity

With a warehouse system stretching from North to South, fully equipped with modern equipment to serve the import, storage and transportation of goods, along with a team of experienced, professional and enthusiastic staff. Garnet Vina is committed to providing Garnet abrasive products that meet customer needs in both quantity and quality, with quick delivery time and reasonable costs.


With long-term coporation goal, we always gradually improve our products and services in order to provide the most reasonable and optimal solutions to our customers.