Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone. It is exploited from natural mines, such as quarry, river and bedsore so that it is structured of various elements. In the Garnet group, Almandine Garnet is the heaviest and hardest garnet, popularly uesd in recent industrial applications. Garnet is divided into 2 types:

Sea Garnet: exploited from sea sand

They look like sand. People screenings them form sea sand, classifies, washes to remove salt, dries and pakages them then. They are popularly used in surface cleaning because of their good and stable quality.

They have 98% Almandine Garnet (Fe3Al2(SiO4)3), are uasually manufactured in Australia and India, approved by developed countries to use in surface cleaning instead of Sand and Nix.

Rock Garnet: exploited from quarry

They are usually manufactured in China by crushing ores containing Garnet. Therefore, they contain impurities even heavy metals which pollute the enviroment. Their elements are unstable, low hardness mosh. That’s why their prices are inexpensive as well as they are not qualified to use in oil and gas surface cleaning’s projects.